A Letter To Tourism’s Leaders During Co-Vid 19

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Dear My Tourism Friends (My Rocks) 😉 

I wanted to write an article to push everyone up because my joy is sending positive energy to our world. The moment I see the sun in Hanoi, Vietnam, It gives me hope strongly to write an awesome article (find it on my Linkedin).

We all know this is such a tough time for our industry. Admiringly, I see how many of you are being strong & brave to keep finding the solutions to share in our community & stand strong together. Thank you very much for the solidarity, which makes me impressed by how wonderful our humans are.

This gives me hope for our future tourism will connect well together to build such a sustainable tourism development which will not damage our planet & support more for the community. This gives me hope about the future where we will share our knowledge to be able to overcome anything together. This gives me hope where everyone will be a responsible citizen not only the leaders. Each of us contributes different works to our planet. When I gave my speech at Arival, I kept repeating “the community” word and sustainable goals from the United Nations because I know this is will make our world safer.

My sympathy to all of the awesome leaders in the tourism industry, one important thing I encourage you to do now is taking care of yourself the best & your beloved ones & people around you. Please get some good sleep, eat healthy food and follow all the expert’s advice for the Covid -19. The crisis is not about tourism; it is about the disease, which we must listen to the medical experts and governments’ instructions. They all are trying their best to protect all of us.

Overcome Covid19

I know we all have a big passion for tourism and our employees but this is a global responsibility of everyone so our job now is doing integrity negotiation to employees. I have made such many brilliant times to call all my employees and talk to them about the situation with solutions. I decided to postpone our works a few months and give small allowances ( very little gifts I can do) to employees monthly so I can have some time to care for my family and my other goals. I focus on learning more instead of worry too much.

When I first heard about the crisis, I stopped right away from the business developments. Then I did the following political & heath news daily. I spent most of my time on social networks & news. Because I knew following these would make me have the right decision in my business. I let my team being calm to work & announce them later when I get enough information. Some news was contacting me for the interviews, I kept saying let’s not talk about business, saving the planet & health first. Virus disease isn’t tourism’s fault so we can’t have the solution for this instead of finding a way to survive for the next few months (maintain IT works, reviewing products, staying in touch with tourism friends, looking some other opportunities, encouraging your employees learning new skills, thinking about the future of tourism, volunteering your skills in online works regarding COVID 19). Tourism won’t work for at least 6 months so I hope we all can contribute more to our talents in other careers especially the social impacts that are always inspiring me to be happy & positive every day. Never give up on tourism development, we will think about how we can do better for tomorrow.


Stay healthy! Stay positive! Stay strong!


Be kind & love others!

Together, we will rise later.

Contact me if you need to talk if it can make you feel better.

I leave my email here: lien@iloveasiatour.com

A lot of loves,

Lien Nguyen