4 Most Popular of Transportation in Hue

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Hue cyclo tour

Hue is a romantic city and an attractive destination for tourists, but you do not know which way to travel. This article will help visitors equip with 4 most popular means of transportation in Hue.


Cyclo is a useful way to see Hue city and it is popular with many tourists. We will have the opportunity to watch the slow life pass on the old house and the architecture of Hue old capital if we choose cyclo.

Currently, in Hue transport services by means of cyclo can be said to be the most attractive in the inner city. Because Hue is an ancient city and has narrow crossroads, if tourists visit somewhere by taxi or other cars, it is difficult to admire the poetic beauty of this city.

  • Advantages: Thanks to its slow speed, visitors can enjoy the view of the city.
  • Disadvantages: Because its speed is slow, visitors cannot visit many places. It has no roof, so tourists also have difficulty when it rains. It is similar to a motorbike.
Hue cyclo tour
Hue cyclo tour. Source: Huetourist


Motorbike tour is the best means of travel for tourists and most visitors choose motorbike to enjoy the beauty of Hue. The tourist spots in Hue are about 5-15km apart. Therefore, it is not too far if visitors choose to ride the motorbike along with the riders. Besides, you can rent a motorbike to explore yourself. However, it is quite risky if tourists do not drive well and do not understand the law and road in Hue. In short, the motorbike is the best transportation in Hue.

  • Advantages: For motorbike tours, visitors can enjoy the most beautiful views of Hue and travel on the streets of the romantic city of Hue. Because in Hue the number of motorcycles is not as high as in Hanoi or HCM city, it will not be trapped at rush hours. The riders can be the best guides if you do not have much information about the way here. The price of a motorbike tour in Hue is not too high and depending on the length of the road which travelers want to go.
  • Disadvantages: It is difficult to move if the weather in Hue rains.
Our lady bikers and the customers on motorbikes
Our lady bikers and the customers on motorbikes

If you want to experience motorbike tour in Hue, I highly recommend you to check Hue Motorbike Tours out. The local guides are professional and you will find it amazing to explore Hue with them.


If the weather in Hue is bad, tourists should hire a car tour to enjoy the trip fully. Although this medium is a bit high, the taxi offers visitors a smooth and comfortable journey. Many visitors coming to Hue often choose this transportation to transfer luggage to the hotel as well as travel to the tourist destinations in the inner city and the border of Hue.

  • Advantages: Firstly it is very useful for visitors with young children. Secondly, the weather in Hue has changed. Finally, visitors can rest during the travel time from one point to another point.
  • Disadvantages: Visitors cannot see or take pictures where they like. It is difficult for the driver to stop the car in the middle of the road. In addition, cars often have traffic jams at rush hours. In particular, its price is the highest in all types of vehicles.
Hue Car Service
Hue Car Service


With most tourist destinations within 10km, exploring Hue imperial city with a bicycle along with a tour guide is the choice of a lot of visitors. Bicycle tour for visitors wanting to roam on the green trees road covered to admire the beautiful and poetic view.

  • Advantages: Tourists can stop anywhere to take photos and slowly enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  • Disadvantages: The attractions in Hue are mostly in the village away from the city. In addition, some roads are steep. Therefore, visitors will get tired if they are not healthy or they have small children.
Travel by bicycle in Hue
Travel by bicycle in Hue. Source: bookmundi

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